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Experience local, patient centered care.

We are an urgent care in Peachtree City that is owned and run by local doctors. Our goals have been the same for years: provide patient focused care and services, at your convenience, with your insurance.

Dr. Eric Jones of Peachtree City Urgent Care
Peachtree City Urgent Care front office

Who We Are

Why choose Peachtree City Urgent Care?

Our Urgent Care services are available by just walking into our clinic. We are open extended hours so that we can serve you better. All of our patients are seen by our advanced practice providers. Visiting our urgent care facility is faster and more affordable than a trip to the ER for many non-emergency illnesses and injuries.

Better care for Peachtree City. Physician Owned. Walk-Ins Welcome.

At Peachtree City Urgent Care we are dedicated to providing our patients with fast, convenient, and high quality care. Our experienced medical staff is available to diagnose and treat your condition quickly and effectively.

Our Services

We treat a variety of illnesses & injuries. Here are some of our most commonly treated illnesses:

Physicals & Check Ups

A physical exam takes an overview
of your health, and providers are
looking to make sure that things
seem to be functioning normally. For
instance, they take a visual exam of
your eyes, ears, nose, and throat,
and feel for lumps. They use
instruments to check your reflexes
and heart rate.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

A urinary tract infection, commonly
known as a UTI, is most often a
bacterial infection in any part of the
urinary system including: kidneys,
ureters, bladder and urethra. A UTI is
usually treated with a course of oral
antibiotics and you can expect a full

Sprains & Fractures

Sprains and fractures can cause pain,
swelling, bruising and limited
movement at the site of the injury,
usually a sprained wrist, twisted
ankle or simple fracture. Our
physicians can arrange care, perform
diagnostic tests, x-rays, and provide
treatment to decrease pain and
prevent further damage

Confidential STD Testing

PTC Urgent Care proudly offers
convenient locations for you to walk in
for discreet STD testing. Our staff
protects your privacy and provides a
judgement-free zone, so the choice
to come in for a quick test is easy

Lacerations & Cuts

Whether you’re barbecuing,
camping, or even going for a jog,
there’s some small potential for
injury at nearly every turn.
Fortunately, PTC Urgent Care is
here to treat your minor injuries—
and do it at a time that’s convenient
for you.

Flu & Cold

Cold and flu symptoms are very
similar at first. Colds are typically
less severe and persist for a shorter
duration. A severe cold, however,
can turn into something more
serious, such as a sinus infection,
bronchitis, or pneumonia, without
proper care.


A rash is a general term for an
abnormal skin outbreak. Rashes can
be itchy, painful, or cause a burning
sensation on the skin. Our staff can
help you diagnose the issue and
suggest treatments to alleviate the
itch, pain, and swelling.

and many more

Although we advertise our most commonly treated medical
problems, we can help with
many more.

(770) 487- 2273

Need medical help? Visit Us!

Walk ins are welcome and available for your convenience.

Our Office Hours:

Mon – Thurs: 9:00am–7:00pm
Friday-Sat: 9:00am–8:00pm
Sun: 11:00am–8:00pm


What our patients say

Kay DennKay Denn
15:28 18 May 24
I was recently here for a sinus infection and they took great care of me! Everyone I encountered was very nice and the wait was not long. I will definitely be returning in the future if needed!
Lauren RifeLauren Rife
21:21 26 Feb 24
I brought my daughter in at 6 on a Sunday night. There was no wait, and she was seen immediately. She was dehydrated and needed fluids, and they gave her Zofran for her nausea. She was in terrible pain when we arrived, and they took great care of her until she was feeling better and able to leave. They gave us a referral for a specialist, so we felt like we had a plan when we left. The NP (Melissa) and EMT tech (Mike) were so patient and kind to my daughter. We have always had a great experience here, but this exceeded all expectations. Thank you, and keep up the great work!
Tr BizTr Biz
23:36 25 Feb 24
Stumbled across this gym because my son was rubbing his ear, saying it hurts....when I tell you Doctor Melissa and Landon treated my kids like their own its not an exaggeration, we need more people like them, thank you all.
Polly RogersPolly Rogers
19:19 08 Feb 24
The staff here is always friendly and I never have to wait long. I’ve seen a lot of different staff here and everyone is great. Megan the nurse practitioner was very attentive and Mike the tech was so sweet. Highly recommend this place.
Shani C.Shani C.
03:56 19 Dec 23
Excellent experience! Everyone I encountered was kind and knowledgeable. I was in and out within a reasonable timeframe, especially for a Monday morning. I appreciated the Rx being given in hand to avoid the issues electronic Rx can have. Keep up the good work!
Angela Downie (Angie)Angela Downie (Angie)
13:25 28 Oct 23
My grandson was coughing with a sore throat so I called the office and was greeted so warmly. Once, my daughter sent all the necessary information we were in and out within 40 mins. The doctors made my grandson feel so good. They gave him medication in office and he was feeling great the next morning. I haven't heard him cough since. I appreciate the staff here for making a grandma feel so much better about her grandson's wellness. Everyone was so professional and knew exactly what was wrong. I appreciate you all! God Bless you!